Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zombie Run

My second 5k of the year recently rolled around. I must admit I didn't train as much for this one, though I still did run weekly. I was viewing this race as more for fun than anything, especially since we were going to be chased by zombies! I was also excited to be running it with my sister-in-law and some of her family, and my sister and her friend!

Bright and early we packed six people into our car (thank goodness no cops saw the illegalness going on with two teenage girls crammed between kids in car seats) and drove out to West Jordan.

I was feeling pretty nervous, especially with the late-night Taco Bell taco rolling around in my tummy that my sister conned me into - a mere seven hours earlier. But with these fine people as our cheerleaders, we were set!

I tried to convince the boys to walk the family 1k, but it was a no go. Lazy boys.

We got our flags and stood in the freezing cold ready for the race to begin. For a long time.

 All the runners, pre-race

And then the race began and this is what it looked like:

Haha, no just kidding, just staging pictures afterwards. The zombies left three minutes after humans started the race.

The zombies actually preyed on all the super fast people up front, though I did see one go for Jillian's flag (my sister's friend) and she narrowly dodged out of the way. So although we were passed up by a few zombies, we all had our flags intact when we crossed the finish-line.

The runners (minus Tracy) post-race

Not only did we have our flags, but in our division, I took second and Caitlin took third!

All our working out together has paid off :) And though it may be true that there were only five people in our division, it still feels good to win a medal!

I didn't get my fastest time ever, but I tied with my old 5k time of 29:34. And since the course was pretty much uphill the whole way with a strong wind blowing in your face, I'm pleased with my time. Especially since this old mom passed up her younger sister and crossed the finish line first. So what if I wear socks with my flats sometimes, Sadie, I can run :)

And I've got the Nelson smile.

Anyways, It was a great morning and a race is always fun. Especially when you have family cheering you on.

And especially when you've done all the hard work, won a medal, and it's over. Yep that's the best part :)


  1. sooo amazing!! you are such an inspiration!

  2. I'm so glad we ran it together. And awesome time. I wasn't sure what your time was. I rudely was just thinking about my accomplishments, I forgot to ask yours. Haha. I'm so selfish.

    Oh and I'm not taking that picture down of you from my blog. You look great! :)