Thursday, October 4, 2012


After I finished my torturous boot-camp workout this morning, I went to retrieve Lydia from her friends on the stage of the church gym. I immediately I noticed something was different.

Apparently Lydia's friend got into her mom's lipgloss collection and smeared it on the both of them. While Lydia kept claiming that she didn't do it, and it was her FRIEND that put it on her, I know she was happy to be involved. I mean it's makeup! Everyday she tells me she's going to grow ear-tips (translation: get her ears pierced) and put her makeup on when she's older.

The owner of the lipgloss (and boot camp instructor that likes to laugh at me when I collapse trying to do push-ups) assured me it would come off after using Vaseline.

This is what it looks like after I used Vaseline to try and get it off:

Yep, pretty much the exact same. Oh well. I'll just have to let Lydia enjoy her makeup for awhile and hopefully it'll come off in the bath tonight. I'm in trouble with this girl that's already obsessed with makeup, jewelry, dresses, and purses.

Ammon noticed the difference too and kept puffing out his lips - trying to look like Lydia?

Hahaha! We're so fashionable around here. Well at least these two are :)


  1. What is with our girls and their obsession with makeup? Emmy is always getting into my mom's makeup. Or...she'll pretend she's putting it on with her fake stuff she plays with at home. I'm not sure where she's learning it because I don't wear makeup...other than mascara anyway. I don't even know how! Maybe they can teach each other :). She looks cute though. And I love the picture of Ammon. Ahhhhh...we have such cute kids!

  2. Hahahaha. I don't think the instructor laughed at you. Maybe I just didn't hear it though because I was too busy laughing at myself.

    Glad Lydia got to have a bit of makeup on, even though it didn't come off easily.