Monday, December 3, 2012

Brigham Turns Five!

Last week my husband's birthday rolled around. Unfortunately, everyone, except him, was sick and so our celebrations weren't quite up to par. In fact Lydia and I didn't even eat that night due to a stomach bug and I barely managed was to put together some Thanksgiving left-overs for him to eat. Then we put some candles into left-over pie and sang him a happy birthday.

Brigham tells people I have brainwashed Lydia into believing he's only four (now five) but I say how can you brainwash someone the truth? She was very excited that he was turning five and helped me count the candles for the pie. She knows when Dad says he's really twenty-eight to shake her head because he's is just being silly!

Even though the birthday dinner was sub-par we did manage to have some pretty good gifts to give. Lydia really wanted to give him a new computer and asked for weeks to give Dad a new computer, but since he got one at his new job, she relented to give him something else. I thought it was sweet she was so concerned about his birthday gift.

Ammon liked handing over a present as well.

Even though he was more interested in Dad reading him books.

And yes, his presents are wrapped in a cut up brown paper bag. Like I said, not at the top of my game last week.

His big present was his suit and wool coat being dry-cleaned (finally). Who knew dry-cleaning was so expensive? But now his suit no longer has baby snot all over it and his coat that was "missing! It's just gone! I can't find it anywhere! I'm serious!" ended up being found after all :)

And if you think that's a boring present, it's what he specifically requested. He also got new toothbrush heads. That's how we roll around here. But don't worry he got a movie, headphones, and new pants, and some delicious pistachio nuts as well.

And even though he ended up doing homework the rest of the night, he got to go to a basketball game the next night with a friend and I made up for the crappy dinner with Tucano's later that week. So hopefully this Birthday Boy is happy. He sure deserved a good birthday for all his hard work and I hope this next year is fabulous!

Love you Brigham. Happy Birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday Brigham. Too bad you were so sick on his birthday! But how fun you went to Tucano's. How was it? Did you get the birthday discount?