Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome Home Jake!

This last Wednesday, a group of Tappanas were all gathered at the airport.

We were there to welcome back Elder Jacob Tappana as he came home from the Toronto, Canada mission.  It was exciting as he got to meet most of his nieces and nephews for the first time.

(Ammon didn't even yell at him!)

And he got to see how big his other nieces had grown.

Aren't they so cute together? Lydia was excited to see her Uncle Jake!

He sure looked good and he sure has grown up too!

The really neat thing is all four of the Tappana brothers wore missionary attire and their missionary name tags.

All four Tappana brothers home after serving honorable missions. If that isn't amazing, I don't know what it. Look at that group of handsome men and think of the good they have done. What an example this is for me and my children. I'm so impressed and grateful!

And despite trials, hardships, and a long road behind her, this woman standing in the middle of them deserves much credit as well. A single mom to these four boys and look what she has to show for herself. I hope that I can have such a positive influence on my boys and that I can be as proud of my children as she has right to be of hers.

I'm grateful to be married to one of those good-looking men and I'm so proud of Jake too. Welcome home!

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  1. You're a better person than I. :)

    Great Welcome Home post!