Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Zoo Day

My sister-in-laws and I recently got together for free zoo day. It was a blast! The kids loved the animals and were pretty well behaved I thought.

With two double strollers and Abby kickin' it in her single, we packed them around across the park.

I knew the Christmas spirit was getting to Lydia when she asked if we could see the reindeer :) She also specifically asked to see monkeys and so I was happy that one of the monkeys decided to put on a good show for us.

That's Lydia and Emmy watching the monkey who hooted and hollered and yelled the entire time we were at the zoo. It was loud! We could hear it across the park as we checked out the other animals. The kids (and adults) were entranced by his fussing and swinging about.

I took a picture of the bears for Brigham since they are his favorite animal and he couldn't come that day. So there you go dear, proof I was thinking of you. Also, I was missing my sister Kayleen, otherwise known as the bear whisperer. I was wishing she were there to scream to send the bears charging at us and standing on their back haunches (true story. she never fails in Washington).

I think the kids most enjoyed the reptile building where we let them run about free since strollers aren't allowed (except for the rebel Ashley :)).

I know Ammon and Abby sure were happy for some freedom. Even if it is just to look at some weird ol' porcupines.

But we had a great day at the zoo and a delicious lunch afterwards at Moochies downtown. It was a fantastic time! We even got a picture of all the cousins (minus baby Jackson) looking at the camera. Double fantastic! Can't wait for another free zoo day to roll around :)

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  1. Free Zoo day was a ton of fun. And I am so happy Abby can finally play with her cousins. We all have some adorable kids.