Monday, September 9, 2013

Life in Limbo Part Two

After staying with my in-laws while waiting to head to Washington, the kids and I then transitioned to my Uncle Dean's house to spend some time with my Grandma Busby and my side of the family before we left. We had a grand old time and spent the whole Labor Day weekend together.

On Friday night, my siblings all came over and we chatted with my Grandma and played outside. Saturday morning we were all pumped up for the BYU football game.

Unfortunately, that turned out to be somewhat of a drama with a two hour rain delay and an almost win followed by a sad, sad loss. (don't worry we beat Texas the next week so that helped ease the sting)

We were supposed to do dinner in the canyon, but with the rain delay it was too late at night so instead we made tinfoil dinners, s'mores, and woofums in the firepit in my uncle's backyard.  It was still a blast.

And we all had matching BYU shirts that day.

What can I say? We're awesome.

Sunday was church with Grandma and then everyone came back again for Sunday night dinner that I made. Then we had a pretty rad game night playing Farkle and Bang.

These boy take Farkle pretty seriously
Monday, Labor Day, my Grandma watched the kids for me so that I could have one last hurrah before I had to part ways with my siblings. First we went hiking at Bridal Veil Falls, then we played a game called Pandemic, had lunch at Zupas, and then caught the movie Now You See Me at the dollar theater. Ah, it was a great day.

I'll tell you it didn't make leaving any easier, all the fun I was having. It probably helped that I wasn't nearly as sick, but mostly I just love spending time with my brothers and sisters. They're my comfort place and I never laugh as much as I do when I'm with them.

After Labor Day I spend a couple days just chillin' with my Grandma and meeting up with Brittany and her kids at the splash pad.

Finally, Thursday, the big wedding arrived.

I was bad at taking pictures this day, but here you can see Lydia and Ammon waiting for the ceremony to begin, and Brigham sitting in a chair in the background. That's right, we finally got to see Brigham again. It was good reuniting with my husband after being apart for over two weeks.

The wedding was beautiful and it was really nice to get to have the family together again (minus Tim and Ashley) before we left.

The scenery was gorgeous and we even got to take a family paddle boat ride around the pond.

After the wedding we packed up and spent one last day with Brigham's family. Dinner at Chili's with his mom and brothers still in Utah, and then a final Just Dance Party at Sam and Caitlin's. It was very bittersweet and my heart hurt the next morning when we said a tearful goodbye to Dan and Nonie.

The ride up to Washington went WAY better than expected. My daughter is notorious for her carsickness and we were prepared this time with medicine. It did the trick and no spewing happened. I also thought we would have to stop a lot to let our kids get the wiggles out, but they did FANTASTIC. We actually only stopped twice: once to get gas, go to the bathroom and stretch, and another time to eat a late lunch/early dinner and refuel with gas for the last time.

The only time any crying happened was when Ammon got mad that he had to wait so long for me to help him with his crayons because I was still helping Lydia. Oh Ammon.

The DVD player sure was nice for Lydia and entertained her for a good four hours of the thirteen hours it took us to make it to Washington. Ammon still doesn't care much for movies and mostly entertained himself by sleeping, sticking stickers to his face, and talking to himself. I was so impressed with these two.

And now we're in Washington. So much to figure out and do with our lives. It's nice to be here to finally start working on it all. And I'm excited to finally live close to my parents and younger siblings and learn what it's like to have them around. It's making everything so much easier.

So, hello Washington. Get ready, the Tappanas are here!

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  1. Glad you made it safe to Washington, but I am pretty bummed you guys are gone. It's so weird here without you two and also without Tim and Ashley. Who would have thought that you guys would leave within a month from each other. :(