Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life in Limbo

So I guess it's time to announce the big changes happening to this Tappana family. In May my husband lost his job at Adobe, I went back to work part-time to try and help make ends meet, and Brigham finished up his master's degree and started back on the job hunt. It was a stressful-very-no-good time for our family. When the months that I was sure he would have a new job by started coming and then passing, I didn't know what our little family would do.

Then our landlords decided we had better leave our place as well and we had a new deadline approaching to find new living quarters. That really strained me because our cheaper rent was the only thing that was saving us. It seemed like so many things were crashing down on us. However, I felt that Heavenly Father was setting us up to place us exactly where he wanted.

It was just taking way too long in my opinion.

At the beginning of August we started finally receiving job offers for Brigham. We were praying hard to know what to do, but being unsure we decided to fast about it. I fasted that the right opportunities and connections, that would lead us to the path Heavenly Father wanted us to take, would present themselves and that we would know that they were right.

Within two days we had contact from a company called Zones in Washington State, two more interviews scheduled with them, and within the week, a job offer...which is mind-boggling fast. It wasn't quite the pay we needed, they wouldn't help us relocate, there were more interviews lined up for much more lucrative jobs, I would have to leave the bulk of my comfort zone, and things would be scary...but we knew it was the right one for us. I consoled myself with the fact that half of my family is in Washington and I would be able to live by my parents and in a state I love. Brigham accepted the job at Zones and agreed to start working in two weeks.

Two weeks to pack up and move our family across multiple state lines. Wow.

Luckily, after we accepted the job at Zones, everything stated falling into place. The timing fit in perfectly with my family coming to Utah to drop my brother off at BYU, and for a quick family vacation in Park City. They were able to cut their stay short to help us pack, load, and drive the moving truck with Brigham and all our belongings to Washington. The kids and I are still in Utah living with various relatives until Brigham's sister's wedding which Brigham will fly back to Utah for and then we will drive our remaining car up to Washington together, where we will live with my family until we can find a place for ourselves.

It's all been a very complicated, stressful, perfect mess. So many small amazing blessings and timing "coincidences" have come our way. I don't know where we will live, how we will afford to live, what we will do without all the family we are leaving, but I do know this is what we are supposed to do.

And that's where we are today. Brigham has already stated his training, I've been living with in-laws, and my grandma waiting for the wedding this week and then our final trip up to Washington. Here are some of the fun things the kids and I have done while we live out of suitcases at the in-law's for two weeks:

We got really, really, really, really sick. I actually was really sick on moving day and wanted to die, but you do what you gotta do. I helped load the truck and told myself to keep it together. I could die later.

Without insurance, I put off going to the doctors for as long as possible but when your daughter has an eye-infection you've got to get some antibiotics, and when you have a sinus infection, you pay just about anything to feel better.

This is what Lydia looked like on day two of her eye-infection, I finally broke down and took her to the doctor on day three and the second picture is after only one day and a half on her $71 antibiotics (don't take your insurance for granted people). So much better. No more bloody mucus coming out of her eyes, worth every penny.
We still have the last bits of a cold lingering on (this was THE worst cold I have EVER had. It stayed for three weeks and was just brutal) but we are better for the most part. And I apologize to my in-laws for my scary zombie-like state for the first week I stayed at their house. I think they'll be scarred for life.

When we weren't dying we've been enjoying time outside:

Meeting my new niece, which I had to wait to do for almost two weeks after she was born so I wouldn't infect her with our disease. Sometimes being responsible sucks. I wish I had taken a picture, but my mind was still foggy and I didn't. She's adorable...let's just put it at that. I tried to steal her and bring her with me to Washington but I got caught and her mom said no.

Ammon kept to his norm of falling asleep at random times...like when climbing onto a chair...

Seriously how does he do it? I watched it happen. He was climbing up to get in the chair and decided to stop midway and just fell asleep instead...blows my mind.

We've watched torrential down-pours that turned the entire front walkway into a puddle.

And then enjoyed a rainbow and mountain scenery on our lengthy walk later on.

We were well taken care of at Dan and Nonie's through our sickness and all and I've been enjoying my roommates.

Now I'm at my Grandma's and I'll update later at what's been going here. I've been having a blast hanging out with the older siblings of my family for our last hurrah until I leave and their school/work starts.

So that's the news from the Tappanas. Exciting huh? I'll try to keep you updated as we transfer from our life of limbo to a new place and adventure.


  1. man lots of exciting changes! i knew you were working but not that brigham got a job- thats awesome! i know its gotta be scary leaving so much familiar but moving close to your family is going to be great. plus washington is gorgeous!! congrats and good luck on the move! it seems like all the tapanna boys are jumping ship!

  2. So excited for you guys and your latest adventure! All the unknowns are so scary and stressful, but like you said, when you know it's what's right, you trust in the Lord.
    And I had the same cold while we drove across the country!! It was awful for sure. Pretty sure I looked about like Lydia did with my eye infection. Glad you're all doing better and enjoying the last few moments in Utah for a while. :)

  3. I am still in denial about you guys moving out of state. I think when you're gone, I will still pretend you are here. But I am so happy for you guys!

  4. Moving of any sort sucks. But...I do have to say I'm super jealous of the fact you'll still have family around. Especially your mom. Oh how I miss my mom!! I'm excited for you guys to have this new adventure...and also sad that now it will probably be a full year before we even see you guys again since now you definitely won't come home to visit at Christmas. Sad sad day. Keep us updated!! I feel so out of the loop all the time!!