Monday, September 23, 2013

Washington Welcome

So we are now moved to Washington. Everything went smoothly and we are enjoying some time spent with my family and adjusting to Brigham's training at his new job.

So here's how Washington has welcomed us these past couple weeks:

Walks behind a nearby neighborhood and running into a lake and some cute mushrooms growing on a log.

We had a stake service project cleaning up at a state park. After picking up some garbage and looking at some cool mossy hanging branches, we took a fun little hike to a gnome village.

Lydia started preschool. She's such a smarty and was SO excited to finally go to school too. I love the side by side of her preschool picture, and self-portrait she drew on the first day of class :)

Ammon also wanted a picture, so we got one of him in his backpack too. However, the only school he goes to is exercise class with mom in the mornings.

Washington has some of the best yard sales. For some reason, people in Utah jack up prices, but Washingtonians know how to price their stuff. I knew I was back in business here when I scored by haggling for half price at a yard sale and got this adorable mini rocking chair for five dollars. The kids LOVE it.

And finally the big game day arrived: BYU vs Utah. I had my game day face on, we made and decorated BYU football cookies, prepared delicious game-day food. And then watched as once again my team broke my heart. Never will turn my back on those Cougars, but come on guys, help a girl out!

I am loving being around my football loving family and talking sports with them. I'm loving bike-rides with my mom, exercise class at the church, attending my mom's excellent institute lessons, and getting to know my younger siblings better. I'm loving the nature, atmosphere, and good times here.

I miss my exercise buddies and WAY better Zumba classes in Utah. I miss lots of different and cheaper restaurant options. And I especially miss friends and family and all the cute little babies being born.

So from here we've started on the house hunt, so it'll be interesting to see where that takes us from here.


  1. Oh my goodness is it so beautiful there!! I miss you guys, but I am so glad things seem to be going well. My only complaint is you need to blog more now. Like, at least 3 times a week. Let your kids come second to blogging ok? haha.

  2. I'm so glad to know things are going well for you guys! I get sad when I think about how long it's going to be before we see you again. You'd also go crazy about the yard sales here. People are like professional yard salers. It's crazy!! You'll be driving down the street and pass like ten different yard sales. It's like a way of life here :)