Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gig Harbor Get-A-Way

As mentioned in the previous post, Valentine's Day Brigham and I were able to escape for a night to a little town about an hour away called Gig Harbor. For Christmas we both decided that what we really wanted from each other was a little get-a-way trip and so we were finally able to make good on that.

I picked Brigham up from work and we drove in the rush hour traffic to the hotel room.  Luckily, the traffic gave us plenty of time to admire the views, because it really is beautiful on the way out to the town.

This is the picture I took while driving on a giant bridge you get to cross. We got to our hotel and dropped off our stuff and then went to a nearby subway, picked up some sandwiches, and headed back to our hotel to eat, watch movies, and just be alone!

The hotel. It was really cute, it didn't look like the standard get-up and it made it feel like we were on more of a vacation.
It might sound really boring and simple to just get subway and head back to our room, but really that's what we needed. Living with my parents has been a blessing and I couldn't be more grateful, but having separate beds (I sleep on a day bed and Brigham pulls out a trundle every night) and our two kids in our same room for the last six months gets sorta old. We missed just being able to retreat to a bedroom that's ours to talk instead of whisper, to hang out in and watch movies and play games like we used to. So it was a bit of heaven to have that back for one night. And we enjoyed getting to sleep together in the same bed (and for a girl who really likes her sleeping space and usually prefers her own bed, I never thought I'd say that, but I really did), even though I was so tired I fell asleep by 10:45.

The next day we slept in late. Brigham was sweet and went down and got some of the free breakfast and brought it back up to me on a tray, and then we packed up, checked out, and went to go explore the town.

We had all these hikes planned, but unfortunately it was pouring rain so we went with plan B and went to the movies instead to watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Afterwards we decided we could brave the rain enough to walk around Historic Gig Harbor.

It really was beautiful despite the gray and wet (things you really have to get used to if you live in Washington). And we enjoyed just perusing around and taking silly pictures.

And some surprisingly cute ones.

We were going to go out to lunch but I wasn't feeling well and we decided to just head home to check on the kids. It just gives us another reason to go back to try out a few of the places that looked good. It was a good thing we headed back when we did because traffic was bad (another thing that you just have to get used to in Washington) and it took us a little longer, so it was late afternoon by time we arrived home.

It was a short but sweet trip, with the only regret being the rain keeping us from hiking. So nothing too exciting, but I loved spending the weekend with my Valentine and relaxing together to escape reality for a little while.


  1. oh my goodness that would be so hard to sleep apart for 6 months! and esp to have to share a room with your kids. i hope you guys find a new home soon! washington looks so beautiful though! glad you got a night away

  2. So much fun!! I am glad you got a night away, and even though I know you probably have enjoyed being at your moms, that you can sleep in the same bed soon!!!