Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's Love

I've probably mentioned it here before, but I LOVE Valentine's Day. It's my second favorite holiday and I get giddy with anticipation when it starts to roll around. I love valentines, chocolate, sappy movies, flowers, and everything in pink and red. And we did our share of participating in the festivities.

This year we decided to make some heart-shaped sugar cookies to decorate.

We've been making sugar cookies a lot around here for various holidays, so my kids have been getting pretty good at decorating...or at least their biased mother thinks so.

(Excuse the sideways picture) Ammon's is the white cookie and Lydia's is the red. They decorated these cookies all on their own. Pretty tasteful for a three and four year old, aye?

I, myself, love decorating sugar cookies and got my hands dirty in the frosting business.

I tried to do a chevron design just to tease my sister-in-law who recently posted how she's surprised at how long the chevron pattern has hung around. It turned out ok. And I just loved my baby heart.

I also got into the heart-hair business with Lydia.

Why does being able to do simple things like this for Valentine's Day make me so happy?  I don't know, but it does :)

We sent valentines in the mail and received valentines in the mail.

My kids were thrilled to get valentines from their cousins Abby and Maddi and a giant package of love from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Nonie. Not to mention the valentine's bag of love from Grandma Becky when they woke up that special day.

I love handing out Valentine's and so I was super excited to stay up late to leave out surprises for everyone to get before they left for school and work on Valentine's Day morning.

And I was overjoyed to get my first valentine from my daughter, a heart-windmill she made at school.

The best part was that Brigham and I were finally able to use our Christmas present to each other: a one night get-away. I saved it for Valentine's Day weekend and we escaped to Gig Harbor for alone time with each other. But more to come on that later.

So basically, what I've been trying to say with all of these pictures, is that we gave and received plenty of Valentine's Day love this year...just like I like it :)


  1. i too love vday so much!! who doesnt love love?! and it is so fun with little kids before its all about the class parties and little pieces of valentine 'cards'- cant wait to hear about your trip!

  2. I too love Valentines Day. Probably not as much as you, but I still do love it. And your Valentines Day seemed like it was the best. Hurry and blog about your fun trip. Love the Tappana kissy picture!