Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last But Not Least: January Recap

I feel like January was an eventful month - though when I think back I don't really know why. Besides Ammon's birthday, it was pretty much life as normal.

Brigham continued in the exercise competition he's in with my brothers. The last one to still be exercising 30 minutes a day, four days a week, gets to be taken out to dinner at the place of their choice. With all the pricey, delicious seafood places here in Washington, Brigham's desperate to be the winner.

I like it because I need my hubby healthy. Since he sits at a computer all day for work, he needs to get his body moving! There's nothing more attractive than a man working out. Hot stuff right there!

And although we've had exercise going on around here, we've also been frying up some bacon.

Or at least Kenny has. We argued over the different ways to cook it and Kenny was determined that it be fried for the optimal texture and taste. However, the one downside of frying, boiling grease splatters, was combated with the ultimate safety outfit. The BLT's did taste excellent.

The kids dressed up in their new winter hats/earmuffs, received from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Nonie for Christmas, to go play outside. When the sun starts shining you go out no matter what!

And they also had some fun indoors with cash register buying the ingredients and also preparing "frosting soup" for me to eat.

Mmmm, mmmm. Delicious.

It was spirit week at Kayleen's school and she let me do her hair for crazy-hair day.

She won third place out of the entire school! I'd say the crazy was a success. I used 19 rubberbands to complete this beauty.

And finally, the last recap for January: Ammon singing and sorta dancing to a game on the I-pad on his birthday.

I was trying to get his dance moves (which consist of him poking and waving one arm and pointer finger around), but every time he notices me recording he gets extra silly so we only get small bouts of it. 

I don't know where he picked up his dance moves, but him and that girl of mine sure do know how to make me smile.


  1. That is great that Brigham is working out so much. I really would like Sam to start, but right now he doesn't seem to even have a half hour a day to himself. Also, I sure want to try frosting soup. Sounds delicious.

  2. I love Kayleen's hair!! Oh my gosh!! So clever, it's no wonder she won 3rd place! And let Ammon and Lydia know that they can make me frosting soup whenever they'd like! Yummy!! :)