Thursday, February 20, 2014

Imagine Dragons Concert

For Christmas my mom surprised Brigham my two brothers and me with tickets to Imagine Dragons concert. I knew their hits from the radio and really liked them, but I wasn't familiar with all their stuff. So quickly, in preparation, I obtained as much of their material as I could and listened to it whenever possible. And I fell in love. Seriously, they've got some good stuff!!

The night of the concert was a school/work night so we rushed off as soon as Brigham got home from work and got to hit rush hour Seattle traffic in the pouring rain. If you've ever experienced that, then you know what a nightmare that is. Not to mention we missed our exit and got stuck on the freeway for an extra few miles and then had to try and navigate our way back through the outskirts of the city to downtown. Oh yeah, and parking was TWENTY dollars. Whew!

After that nightmare we managed a quick, and I mean quick, dinner at Dick's and made our way to Key Arena. Our seats were pretty far up, but we were on the end of a row so we had nothing in front of us except a rail and so we got to stretch our legs. Which means awesome seats for me :)

The longest part was sitting there for an hour and forty minutes of two opening bands.The first band was pretty talented! But had a potty mouth between songs and had a pretty suggestive first song. Leave that out, and they were good.

The second band was good...until we listened to an hour of them and all of their songs sounded pretty much the same. At this point I was tired. I was starting to get sick, it was late, and I wanted to get to the good stuff.

Kenny and Ryan's first concert
Well then Imagine Dragons came on and it was all worth the drive, the wet, the parking, the wait. They. Were. Amazing!

Man the lead singer is one talented man. He sounded so good live! His drummer and guitarist had skillz too. I could go on and on, but basically I am in love. It was an awesome show and we loved every second of it.

I decided that concerts aren't the most ideal place to take pictures. And that I'm the worst video recorder ever. This the best of all the videos I took.

We had such a good time at the concert and  managed to navigate through the crazy traffic and drivers afterwards, through a back alley and a hidden freeway entrance that took us out of the mess and got us home in half the time. It was fun to see how many other LDS people were there, and I found out the lead singer is in my sister-in-law's sister's ward! That means I pretty much know him right? I think a trip to Vegas is in order :)

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  1. My sister LOVES Imagine Dragons. She went to their show when they were in Salt Lake and she too thinks they are amazing. I like what I hear on the radio. Perhaps I ought to check them out more. Glad you guys were able to have a fun time!