Monday, July 20, 2009

Rice Cereal, YUM!

Well Lydia is 4 months old now. Holy cow that's weird to me, it seems like I've had my little lady for forever :) I can't imagine life without her now. We just started introducing her to rice cereal and these are the pictures from her first feeding. Btw, she LOVES her rice cereal!This is her waiting for another bite, hahaha, you can tell she likes it.
This is her face after the rice cereal ran out. She screams.... She becomes contented if I let her play with the spoon, as seen here.

Isn't she just plain adorable? I think so :)

Oh, and the other day I wondered why she wasn't making any ruckous in her jumpy chair and I came in and found her sound asleep in it. It was so funny! The poor thing, I know her head must have kept conking on her chair as she fell asleep.
She loves her toes and attacking her toys. We can't stop her from rolling over onto her tummy, and laugh as her neck gets tired of supporting her big head. She's developing great so far and really is just the best baby. Love you Liddie!

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