Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation to Washington- 4th of July, Fireworks

A person cannot understand what fireworks in Maple Valley Washington are like until he/she has experienced it. People go crazy, spending thousands of dollars on fireworks. Our family doesn't ever really buy that many because you can stand in the middle of our circle and huge displays of light can be seen in every direction. It sounds exactly like a battlefield and it lasts until about 2 in the morning. You really can't understand until you've been there. Ask Brigham :) We bought some mortars (sp?) this year and of course my brothers had their list of fireworks ready to go. They had been saving their money up all year. Of course if I wasn't so practical these days I would blow all my money on fireworks too because they are so, well, explosively fun!

Brigham and Dad lighting of our contribution.

Kenny caught running to light his next firework off.

My Dad got this big grin on his face everytime he lit one off. It is captured here.

The spectators and sparklers.

A couple of the good fireworks. It's hard to get good pictures of them.
I love having fireworks on my birthday and I had a really good birthday this year!

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