Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation to Washington- Downtown Seattle

Brigham, Lydia, and I had the best summer vacation to Washington. It was awesome for Lydia to meet her aunts and uncles and to see her Grandpa and Grandma Nelson. We had such a blast and were going nonstop doing fun things the whole time. We sure wore Lydia out, but it was nice for Brigham and I to take a break from the daily grind, and of course my family spoiled us like usual. I'll have to show the vacation pictures in parts because there are too many to post all at one time since we did so many fun things! This is the first part, Downtown Seattle

As is customary, Brigham and I always visit Pike Place Market when we go to Washington. We love looking at the fish and fresh food and little trinkets they sell.

We brought Kyle and Scott along this time as well.

A view of the ferries on the Puget Sound

After Pike Place we ate lunch at the Spaghetti Factory on the water front, this is my brother Scott and I waiting to be seated. Notice our similar fake smiles. That's how we roll.

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