Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation to Washington- Reptile Museum

After seeing Downtown Seattle, we went to the reptile museum in Monroe, Washington. It was so awesome! They have a lot of unique reptiles and we had a good time looking at them and touching them. I took so many pictures I had to leave a bunch out. There were just so many fun things!

A huge toad that hibernates 10 months out of the year, and a two-headed turtle, crazy!
This is called an alligator turtle or something like that. The other turtle has a weird shaped face that creeped us all out.

We all got to hold snakes. My dad doesn't usually like to but he even let it slither inside of his shirt and everything! That's a little too gross for me!

Brigham of course loved holding the snakes. They also had a yard full of turtles were you could walk around with them and pet them, as Kenny is doing. Just watch out for the turtle poop!

Lydia would rather look at people. The big alligator only started moving around when we put Lydia up close to his cage so he could see her through the glass. I think he was thinking, "Mmm, a snack!" The cobra, my brother Scott is looking at, was moving around a lot.

Kyle was his usual inquisitive self. My parents seemed to enjoy themselves, especially my dad.

Lydia and I infront of a big snake, Kayleen in front of some type of lizards.

Ryan and Brigham in front of the alligator that wanted to eat Lydia and Brigham in front of the cobra. The reptile museum had a variety of deadly snakes, cool lizards, alligators, and bugs. In fact there was a tank full of cockroaches and I learned they can withstand levels of radiation that humans cannot and can live a week with their heads cut off. Pretty gross! I recommend visiting if ever in Monroe :)

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