Monday, April 26, 2010


So I was reading an article in a magazine the other day about skin cancer. It was saying some pretty intersting things such as, if you are under 30 and you lay in tanning beds, you increase your chances of melanoma by 75% (holy crap that's high! Stay out of tanning beds!)! Also if you have freckles, they should be in places that the sun shines on you. If you have them on your shoulders or other places and they don't go away when not regularly exposed to the sun then it means you've had severe burns in that area. This is the case with my shoulders, they are covered in many freckles due to multiple burns (this is bad!). Basically if your freckles don't go away when they are no longer exposed to the sun, it's bad because it means your skin is damaged.

Also if you are under 30 and you have face wrinkles when your face is relaxed then it means you've had too much sun on the face as well. :( well frowny face for me because I have forehead wrinkles. Well this made me determined to do better with the sunscreen. Brigham has had multiple burns on his nose that have made it turn into a giant oozing blister (gross, scary, and sad). Well besides taking better care of us I wanted to make sure to take really good care of Lydia because she is so fair skinned.

However, the other day I went for an hour long walk and it was really cold out side. So I bundled Lydia up really well and felt like a good mom. That is. . . until I got home. Her whole face was red and puffy and I couldn't figure out why. Maybe she had an allergic reaction to something outside? Well it wasn't until she woke up from her nap that I realized . . . she was sun burned! Augh! I felt like the worst mother ever. I didn't even think about sun screen and I don't even HAVE baby sun screen. It was so bad that she even got a blister on the side of her nose. So much for taking good care of my family's sun exposure.

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