Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First REAL Easter

Even though this wasn't Lydia's first Easter, it was the first one she could really experience. The night before, while Brigham was at priesthood the "Easter Bunny" set up the room. Here's a picture of the room with the eggs hidden for Lydia to find and the baskets prepared.

Lydia found all her eggs and even though she wouldn't put them in her bucket, she would hand them to me to put in her bucket. This is Lydia next to her Easter basket that had peeps and baby puffs with her Easter Dress. The Easter basket is my old basket that my mom made for me when I was a baby girl.
Brigham next to his 4 different flavors of ice cream! Wow Easter Bunny! He also got his precious dark chili chocolate and cheez-its.
During conference Lydia was making her monkey face while playing with Dad's banana. Unfortunately I couldn't quite catch it on film. And of course, Lydia in her beautiful Easter Dress. She just looks so grown up in this picture it makes me want to cry. (Never mind her crazy hair!)

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