Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Beautiful Wife

Hi Everyone!
I wrote this last summer. I just want to share it with all of you to let you all know how incredible life is for me because I am married to Kari Ann.
 I wish I was able to show Kari how much I really love her! I mess up a lot and I do things that upset her and I can be a stupid man sometimes or a lot of the time. I sometimes don't do as well as we both know I can and sometimes I just am lazy and act like I don't care. I really do care and I try as hard as I can to help her and to show her that I love her without a shadow of a doubt. I want her to know that she is the world to me and I know that I would be no where in this world if I didn't have her. I say a lot of flowery things sometimes and it gets me into trouble because when I really need to express in special terms how I feel it comes out the same as other times when it isn't as important. I want to be able to know Kari like she knows me. She knows what I want for gifts for lunch or dinner and she knows how to make me happy at every turn. Lately  I just don't know how to budget my time very well and I end up wasting the time that I could have spent with Kari just messing around. I want nothing more than to just be with her and to have her know that she is what I want. I miss her so much lately. I want her to know without question that I am dedicated to her and only her.  I love to flirt with Kari! I never want anyone besides Kari and I want to flirt with her and I want to understand her and to have her understand me. I wish we could always just understand each other. I also wish that we didn't fight so much. Kari can get a little too intense and I know how to push her buttons too well. Kari is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never want to hurt her or be unappreciative to her. I know why I married Kari. I married her because first and foremost I am deeply in love with her. I fell in love with her because I knew who she was. I knew that she was the most pure girl I had ever met and that she will be able to put up with me and even be able to help me improve myself better than I or anyone else on this earth could improve me. I knew that I wouldn't ever have to help her with her testimony of the gospel. I knew that her smile melted me. I knew that she loved to have fun and play. That has always been one of my favorite things about Kari is her ability to have fun and play as if she was ten years old. She loves sweets and games and surprises (even though I am not too good at surprising her). Kari is smarter than most people I know and she knows how to put those brains to work. Kari knows how to make success. This is another big big reason that I fell in love with her. I knew that she would be successful in whatever she did and if it was marry me then we get to be successful together. I love it when I impress her. I love all the times when she looks at me like she did when we dated. I love when she says things like "Wow Brigham, that is so good." or "Brigham you are such a good man and I love you and I would have no one else." Kari doesn't say a lot of things like that. She isn't really sentimental. I understand and appreciate that. I can be the sentimental one out of the two of us. I have enough of it to share. On my Facebook page where it has favorite quotes, my most favorite is "I love you" - Kari Ann. I love when my wife tells me that she loves me. I love to know that she does. Not because of ego or anything like that, it is because I love her and I realize how incredibly lucky I am when I get her love. I am the luckiest man in the world for several reasons. A few of those reasons are as follows. I have the most precious, beautiful daughter in the world, I have the most amazing and capable of anyone in the world to be my child's mother and I have the most amazing wife that anyone could ever have. My wife makes my lunches for work every single day and has since we were married and a little before. Kari smiles at me when I come home from work. She helps me with my homework and she helps me when I get worried or stressed. There is no one in this world that can calm me like Kari can. I think everyone needs someone like Kari in their lives because Kari's hugs are always so sincere. Her kisses are so passionate and absolutely amazing. I love Kari Ann because I feel like I can be better when I am with her and I strive for that. My wife is amazing!
Happy Anniversary Kari! Thank you for putting up with me for three years so far! I can't wait for the rest of eternity!


  1. So sweet! Kari is such a sweetheart! We need to have you guys over for a bbq this summer!

  2. Holy Crap Brigham, thank you! I can't believe how nice you are to me! You really think too much of me. I love you dear!

  3. :) How beautiful. You two are so wonderful. Great post Brigham, I totally agree that Kari is amazing!