Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dress

For Lydia's Easter dress, I was walking through the Shopko at the beginning of the year. I wasn't looking for an Easter dress, but when I saw this dress I stopped dead in my tracks. I fell in love with it in an instant. I knew I wouldn't find another dress I liked better. That's how I am with a lot of the things I like. I find what I love and can have nothing else. I sat there holding the dress, stroking it, and admiring it. However, I didn't want to buy prematurely just in case there was something better. After looking at other places, I was right, I only wanted that first dress. Maybe it's because my favorite colors are green and purple, or maybe it's the polka dots. I just know I loved this dress! And Lydia is SO adorable in it!!! :) I went back and bought it at over half of the original price!
Lydia also loved the dress. She kept sitting down and smoothing it out, swishing the dress with her arms, and lifting it up. It was so cute. She would also run down the hall so she could see herself in the big mirror we keep at the end.
This shows how happy she was. I think she's going to be a girly girl :) It was a success this dress. SO CUTE! I am thrilled with it. It's funny how I get more excited over clothes for Lydia rather than myself now :) What a mom I am.


  1. She really did look so so cute :). The pictures don't do justice to how cute she looked in person! I especially loved how she kept picking up the sides of her dress and swishing it around with that cute smile on her face! It is a VERY pretty dress! And...leave it to you to land ALL the deals! :)

  2. what a beautiful easter angel!!! we are so blessed to have such a sweet little girl in our family. gramps & gram t are so proud of mom & dad and we think there very special parents, your doing a great job with your little girl. lets count our blessings especially each other we are so blessed!!! the pics are so fun thank you for sharing with us! grandpa dan & grandma nonie....