Friday, August 5, 2011

And it Begins

Well, this post begins the documentation of our Washington summer vacation. So I'll start at the beginning. Which means the plane ride.

The dreaded plane ride.

It actually was going great, despite the fact that I was on my own with both kids, one of which was covered head to toe in a horrible rash and was teething. We made it through the check-in, security, boarding, and had only had the last fifteen minutes of landing left. I sighed with relief; we had made it without any major catastrophes or screaming episodes.

Then I looked over and noticed Lydia, her hand to her mouth and throw-up edging between her fingers.

Does it sound horrifying? It was.

I scrambled for the throw up bag, cursed myself for loading her up with so much food (how else does a mom keep her two-year-old happy on a plane ride during naptime?), and tried to keep from gagging. I shortly discovered the blasted barf-bags are buried so deep in the seat pockets you need a treasure map to find them, and scrambled towards the diaper bag for anything that would work as a containment device. By time I found something and looked up, it was too late. Throw up was everywhere. And Lydia began screaming bloody murder. Which made Ammon scream bloody murder.

Fifteen minutes left...seriously? Couldn't we have landed in peace?

No, I sat there with two screaming kids, throw-up everywhere, and a bunch of angry passengers surrounding me. Especially the lady who informed me there was throw-up in her purse. Sorry lady, here's a wipe.

My grandma, who was traveling with us, helped as much as she could (seeing as she can't lift chunky Ammon), and we made it off the plane to a bathroom where everyone cleaned up. I tried to not make eye contact with anyone at the baggage terminal and collapsed with relief once we were on the road home.

I have to admit it was rather traumatizing and I am still nervous about flying with Lydia again. I think at Christmas time Brigham can sit up front with her and I'll take Ammon and sit in the back....very far away.

Despite all that, things improved.

For example, we found some pink baby-sunglasses for Ammon. How can that not improve your day?
And we dressed him up in wolf-ears. Again, how can that not improve your day?
Still need more of a pick-me-up?

Well picture this.

We leave Ammon bouncing in the Johnny-Jump-Up adorned in his wolf-ears...
And come back to find him jumping like this...
All with no complaints...:)

If you're not feeling better after that, something is wrong with you.

And so, that's how the trip began.


  1. I think it's mean of those people to be so upset that Lydia threw up! It's not like she did it on purpose!! And that video of Ammon was hilarious!

  2. You poor poor poor woman. I TOTALLY feel for you. Although I've never experienced anything like that (nor do I hope too...cross my fingers) but I can imagine the horror that you were feeling. poor poor woman.

    You should have said something snotty to the lady with the purse...if I had been with you, I would have come up with something super clever and witty that would have put her and her stupid purse in place! My heck!

    I'm glad Ammon brightened your day...he has a way of doing that :). Oh...and he looks adorable in the wolf ears! Hahaha, super cute!