Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Wedding and Surprise Bonus

Finally, we have made it to the post -  the reason why we even had a trip to Washington this summer.

Kyle and Katrina's wedding!

It was a splendid day and here are some of the highlights:

We had to be at the temple, ready to go, by eight-thirty am. Because I had four girls' hair to do, this meant I was up at five am getting ready.

What's funny is that, of course, these two's hair lasted about five minutes anyways.

Because I was a bridesmaid, I didn't really get a chance to take any pictures until the reception that night. So, unfortunately, I don't have any of the temple or luncheon. However, the Spirit was very strong during the sealing and we were all relieved they were FINALLY married!! :)

The luncheon was DELICIOUS and Scott did a great job with his best-man speech.

We were able to relax a little more at the reception, now that the day was almost over.

Finally, a picture with the actual married couple.

The reception venue was gorgeous and we took advantage of the surroundings with a family picture.

Of course, it was our job to decorate the car...insert evil grin here.

We wanted to tie cans to the bumper, but they were still full of soda. Andy, a good friend and groomsmen, and Brigham were supposed to chug them. Only Brigham lived up to the task, as you can see Andy pouring his out in the background.
Also, Scott forgot the twine to tie them, but luckily I came prepared with duck-tape. Yep, we duck-taped them to the bumper. :)

The only messy thing we did was thread the antenna with marshmallows. And that was completely my work...insert second evil grin here.

We sent them off with sparklers (Brigham tried to roast the marshmallows on the antenna with a sparkler, I swear, the ideas that boy gets. And I think he unintentionally burned everyone standing there...and almost caused a few fires as well) and they drove off in their newly made-over car.

Because I was a bridesmaid, I had a lot of responsibilities that left Brigham taking care of the kids most of the day. For the most part, he did a great job.

However, at the end of the day, I discovered his method of watching Ammon...
Brigham was no where to be found, but I guess the sign was taking care of things?

:) Are weddings fun or what?

Not only did I gain a new sister that day, but I also was blessed with a new NIECE! Brigham's brother Sam and Sam's wife Caitlin had their baby the same day. It was very exciting and we are so happy for them! It was one thing that made me want to get back to Utah!

And when we did get back, visiting gorgeous baby Abby was one of the first things we did.

Lydia loved meeting her new cousin.

And Ammon was good at looking massive next to her.

Haha, trying to get a good picture of three kids, ages two and under, is challenging.

How wonderful to have a wedding and new baby Abby, all in one day. Beautiful.


  1. That picture of Lydia and Kayleen (spelling?) is super cute!! And, same with all the pictures of our kids! (weird...i have a kid)

  2. I didn't know you had so much responsibility to help with the wedding! What an awesome sister you are! I would have demanded money...but I'm also not as good of a person as you are :). It looks like it was a beautiful day. And I have to give Brig credit...he could have not even put a note on the car seat at all...hahaha

  3. im publicly stalking you too! loves those pics of lydia- man she is a doll. looks just like yoU!