Saturday, August 27, 2011

Headed Home

After three-and-a-half weeks of vacation, it was time to head back home to Utah.
Our wonderful mode of transportation, with the Uhaul carrying everyone's junk.
The original plan was to fly home but we decided to stay an extra week, save our airplane tickets for Christmas, and ride back with my family who were driving to Utah for Kyle and Katrina's open house. Brigham caught a ride earlier that week to return to work and I was a single parent traveling with the kids again. Luckily my family is excellent at helping me out.

We embarked at 3:30am, with the plan that the kids and baby would sleep for a large stretch of the trip.
Driving on the wide-open road

It worked for my children....but Kayleen was a little too excited for the trip and was up TALKING from 3:30am, until she crashed at 3:00pm.
Car-sleeping isn't very comfortable.
I tell you I wanted to rattle that girl so that I could get some sleep (as if I could sleep in the car anyway).

Ammon did pretty well and only had about a half hour of continuous crying. A bottle fixed it right up.
Ah, sleeping baby. Thank goodness.

Despite things going pretty well, the going was slow since we were pulling a heavy trailer and had to stop often for the kids, and soon we were all feeling a little crazy.
I'm trying to hold my eye-twitch back in this picture.
But slow and steady wins the race and we eventually pulled into my driveway.
The other van passengers, ready to be done.
So about fifteen hours later, we made it back home. Boy was it a relief to be done driving.

I'd read an entire book, listened to hours of music, played games on my Mom's i-pod, picked up the girls' toys a BILLION times, took four or five cat-naps, and made hundreds of funny faces at Ammon, and still had plenty of time to stare out the window, listlessly.

Thank goodness for my own bed for the recovery process.

It's good to be back.


  1. You were gone FOREVER!!! But we were all glad you came back too! Emmy missed her Auntie Kari, and her cousins. Especially Lydia :). But I'm sure it's always nice for you to go and be with your family. I know I would do the same if my parents lived far away. Heck...I LIVE with my parents (hahaha)

  2. It is good you're back. But that is a long car ride!