Saturday, August 20, 2011

Like Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

Because my sister is five years old, she generally has more in common with my two children than she does with me. And while we were visiting, they became three peas in a pod.

Most days, they each generally woke up earlier than any children should...and read the ads to entertain themselves together (well Ammon chewed on toys and watched the girls look at ads).

They took baths together.

And they took walks together. (You can see Kayleen's pink-clad arms hanging off the stroller in the back. It was pretty awesome that my stroller could fit all three of them. Props to the sit-and-stand)
These three were great. Lydia and Ammon both adore Kayleen. Pretty much any time Ammon saw Kayleen's face he broke out in a grin, and he giggled like crazy when she talked to him. Also, the first words out of Lydia's mouth every morning involved Kayleen.

The other special aspect of this trip, was the first chance most of my siblings were able to meet Ammon. I think they pretty bonded well. :)

Especially Scott and Ammon.

Scott always offered to hold him and Ammon was found sleeping on him more times than I can count.
This shows Scott's addiction well. He's on both his I-pod and cell phone, at the same time.  He claims he had to stock up for his two years without them.
It was really special for me, especially since Scott was leaving for two years on his mission. It was nice for him to get to know his nephew a bit better before he left.

And they look so good together with their blonde hair and blue eyes.

In fact, my kids look good with all their aunts and uncles. They really compliment each other :)

Having my new family combine with my old family was very fulfilling. It was like mixing chocolate chips and cookies - combining two things I love together to make something even better!

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  1. Yesterday when we went to pick Abby up from Dan and Nonies, Sam asked Lydia what her favorite part of the trip was and she said "Kenny".

    Again, I'm glad you were able to spend so much time with your family!!