Thursday, August 11, 2011

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

One of the fun things we did while in Washington, was go to the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. At this park you get to see all the animals that live in the Northwest. They offer a tram ride that takes you around so you can see many animals in their natural habitats without fences surrounding them. They also have a small zoo-like part with animals that are kept separate from other ones; however, the enclosures aren't nearly as restricting as a regular zoo.

We got to see...

Mad photography skills or what?

And Bears
Oh my.

We saw coyotes that howl back at you when you howl at them. We were able to really get them going.
I, however, didn't need to make a trip to the park to see a coyote because I had my very own run in with a coyote during our Washington trip. Excuse me for this brief side-note of a scary story...

I was going for a run along a trail behind our house in Maple Valley, when I looked up and noticed a coyote sitting in the tall grass, watching me. I wanted to freak out, but instead I played it cool and kept up my running.

And included a quick u-turn.

And sped up my pace a bit.

When I looked back it was trotting off. I picked up my pace yet again...and ran straight for the house.

My family insists coyotes are afraid of humans and that it was probably more afraid of me than I was of it. I still prefer to keep them at a safe distance...

Anyways, there were lots of other animals such as eagles, and beavers, and baby billy goats. In fact, I was deemed the otter-whisperer by my siblings due to the fact that I was able to get the otter to follow my hand by waving it around.

That is, until it jumped away because my brother, Kenny, threw a rock in it's exhibit. 

Like a typical fourteen-year-old.

But that's ok because he did a good job with one of my animals.

And this animal provided us with a pretty good view throughout the trip, as well.

My other animal sported his dinosaur camouflage to blend in. 
It didn't work so well, seeing as there aren't many live dinos left in the Northwest anymore.

He also drew quite a bit of attention to himself when he began to babble back to the tour-guide's voice coming through the speaker system on the tram ride. I think they were competing for most syllables uttered.

Ammon would probably have some great stories to tell you about that day. As for me, those are some of my favorite highlights of our trip to the park. It was pretty much an awesome time.
And now my parents have a year membership so they can take us back when we come to visit again :)


  1. I want to go to Washington really bad. Sure wish I had family there so we would have someplace to stay! It just looks beautiful there. And of course your kids look cute! And that first picture of the deer is a really good picture!

  2. Hahahaha...I love the picture of Lydia's bum. Such a cute girl :). It looks like that place rocks! I wanna go there and see bears! Maybe your parents will let me go and stay with them for a month and take me there. I'm really quiet and clean up after myself! What do ya think? :)

  3. I sure wish I could've gone to this one!!! I will repent later but as for now I am a little jealous.