Monday, April 30, 2012

Recollections of Our Five-Year Anniversary Adventure

Since it was our big five-year anniversary, we decided to plan something a little extra and scheduled a fun overnight trip to Logan, leaving the kids with Brigham's dad and step-mom. I was EXTREMELY excited for the trip, but nervous about leaving my babies overnight for the first time. I also kept feeling like something was going to go wrong - that we would get in a car accident, or our car would break down, or some other hiccup. Of course with my worry-wart mind, the scenarios spun out of control and I was sure that Brigham and I were going to die on our trip and leave our kids parent-less. I was so sure that I had Brigham text his brothers to explain who would get the kids if we died.

I know. I have serious issues. But I had a feeling.

And what do you know, on the way to drop the kids off, when exiting the freeway, we got rear-ended. It wasn't a big deal and after checking both cars and finding no visible damage, we exchanged information and continued on our way. I already felt a lot better because my premonition was right and hopefully that was the extent of it. "I knew it! I knew something was going to happen!" I kept saying to Brigham who just shook his head at me and replied, "You are so creepy that way."

The shock of our incident wearing off, we dropped of the kids (I only cried a little bit) and then...we were off!

The drive was enjoyable with only minimal traffic delays, lots of junk food, and an air of anticipation. Soon we arrived here:

Seasons at Riter Mansion - where we had a room reserved for bed and breakfast. It was a quaint little place with cute themed rooms. I loved the location, being right downtown. We even had a beautiful view of the temple from the parking lot.

And we were close enough to walk to Bluebird, where we had our dinner.

Brigham had salmon and fries with a Cherry Ironport and a Vanilla Cream Soda.

I had the grilled chicken Parmesan and ate about three bites before I was so sick I thought I was going to puke. I ate WAY too many Doritos on the drive up! Thank goodness for boxes and husbands that will eat almost any leftover - even chicken Parmesan that sat in our car that night and the entire next day before it was refrigerated again. Scary. He hasn't died yet, but I'm keeping eye on him.

Wanting to walk off my sickness for awhile, we perused a nearby used book store.

I loved the smell of all the old books! We spent a long time laughing at crazy titles or raising our eyebrows at scandalous topics. It was truly enjoyable.

Finally, although sad to leave so many books, we headed back to our room. But don't be dismayed for me for too long because our room was, after all, the Library Room :)

Perfect for the book lover in me. It was a homey, nice little room with a jetted tub and everything. Besides the slightly-slanted bed making it so our feet were higher than our heads and a long night for this light sleeper, and being in so close quarters with couples staying in adjoining rooms, we really liked it.

Lots and lots of junk food later (I literally ate myself sick on junk food four different times this trip. SO worth it) a late night movie, etc, it was morning and time for breakfast which they nicely served to us.

After eating we changed, packed up, checked out, and said farewell to our Library Room,

Then went together to perform a session at the Logan Temple. It is such a beautiful place! I loved being in the temple on our anniversary, thinking back five years to being at a different temple and being sealed together forever. It was nice to keep that eternal perspective in the temple as we celebrated being together five years.

After the temple we went and tried out Firehouse Pizzeria for lunch.

I was nervous about trying it out because I normally don't enjoy pizza places, but with lots of high recommendations I decided to give it a shot.

And I loved it! The pizza we shared was so good and the prices were pretty great as well. I definitely want to go back.

After lunch we embarked on a hike I had planned and looked forward to most, the entire trip. The small drive through Logan canyon was gorgeous and soon we were ready to start hiking. I, unfortunately, realized that I drank way too much at the restaurant and the bathrooms were all closed down. While I am an outdoor enthusiast, I am not so enthusiastic as to squat behind a bush if I don't have to. It's just not that easy or clean. However, I determined that as long as I was walking I would be fine.

So we continued on.

We came to the river and noticed the bridge normally used to cross it was, well, gone.

Not to be stopped from my hike, and feeling adventurous, we shimmed across the pole and walked...straight UP a mountain.

I had done my research. The hike I planned included a bit along the Crimson Trail that started with a short incline and then evened out along the Great China Wall to finally loop around along the Riverside Trail to follow the Logan River. A nice three point five miles - about the same length as our normal family walk.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? If only the trail EVER evened out. If only we ever got to walk along any Great Wall of China, let alone find the fork in the trail to loop back along the river. The other problem was Brigham being significantly out of shape thinking he needed to keep stopping to rest. If I stopped to rest with him I was sure I was going to pee my pants, so I just kept going.

See that little black speck down the trail? That's Brigham. We kept getting significantly further apart which started annoyed yelling across the mountain to wait or to hurry up.

We are so classy.

Getting frustrated, annoyed, uncomfortable, and determined to make this hike be what I wanted it to be, we kept hiking straight up thinking we just hadn't gone far enough. When the actual trail eventually all turned to snow (that's how far up we went) I gave up and turned around.

On our way back I noticed two forks in the path that I had previously missed before. Ugh, I was mad. Raising my fists to the sky I cried out, "Where are the trail signs and open bathrooms promised online?!"

No, I didn't. But I would have if I hadn't had to pee so bad.

We shimmied back across the river,

drove extremely fast to the nearest restroom, and then started back home. Exhausted and disappointed in such a failure of a hike, I may have cried for a good while saying, "I just wanted to walk along the river! All I wanted was a fun hike and to walk along the river!"

I really kill myself sometimes.

Luckily, I was calmed down when the check engine light popped on, otherwise I probably would have become hysterical. Thankfully our car made it back with no break downs, but that looming light still glares at me every time I get in my car. Just add it to my long list of things to do.

Picking up my babies was so sweet and thankfully they had been angels the entire time. Grandpa Dan and Grandma Nonie had spoiled them like crazy and they were happy little clams.

After our return home and an early bedtime for a tired family, I woke up the next morning with a couple new things:

1. REALLY sore legs and weak bladder muscles.
2. A renewed connection to my husband, with lots of feeling of love and joy for the time shared together.
3. An absence of the vacation itch that had plagued me for the past months.
4. Gratitude to family that is always willing to help us out and made it possible for Brigham and me to get away.
5. Great memories of not only a fun weekend-trip with Brigham, but of five great years growing and learning together as we try to raise our family and come closer to God.
6. Excitement to make it to our next big anniversary so we can do something so totally awesome again :)

And that is pretty much our trip all wrapped up :)

Happy Anniversary Brigham! I love you!


  1. happy anniversary!!! that is so fun you were able to get out of town, leave the kiddos and sleep in. thank goodness nothing bad happened too- i know what you mean about bad feelings, esp when you have kids to worry about

  2. Happy Anniversary! You're trip sounds just delightful, except perhaps the hike. I hate no restrooms. And you look so incredibly happy in the pictures!! I am so glad you and Brigham were able to get away for a while.

  3. Admit guys picked up the scandalous titles and read them! I know it! :)
    It looks like you had an awesome anniversary...I can't believe its already been five years! That flew by!
    I'm also very glad you loved Logan. I would live there in an instant if I could!