Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Shower Power

I've decided to expand the boundaries of my blog. Which means I'm basically going to talk more about me and my stuff. Exciting huh?

I've wanted to do it for awhile but I've set my mind to it finally, and now you've got new tabs as proof. So yes, I'm going to become like 99% of other mom bloggers and blog about crafts I make and food I cook alongside bragging about how awesome my kids are.

And when I come up with something original and awesome to talk about, you can bet that will be added too.

As for now, I'm left with what everyone else does. But hey, if everyone's doing it, there must be something special about it right? I guess we'll find out. As for now I've got to catch up on my craftiness blogging.

By no means am I that crafty of a person. I don't go out on a limb and create brilliant new things that are so adorable you want to die. No. What I pride myself on is the fact that I am able to come up with decent project results - despite limited funds, resources, and artistic visions.

So if you like to dabble in the craftiness here and there but are limited in the mula and the know-how, you're probably going to like what I'm making. Because you're just like me.

Back when we had a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Caitlin, (who's baby is three months old now - yeah I'm just getting to this) I signed myself up for the decorating because I had some ideas. Not mine of course, but gathered from a blog here and there. Now look at them.

When I do decorations I like to be able to have them double as gifts. So if you notice, the "lollipops" are baby washcloths rolled up and attached to baby silverware in the bottom half of a baby sippy.

Also, the diaper cake is the ultimate decor/gift combination.

I also sewed some ruffle rump onesies with little homemade appliques on the front.

I was happy with how they looked when I finished sewing them but when I say homemade, I mean homemade. There were some definite flaws on the inside of those onesies. If you were to turn them inside out you'd scream, "what did she do?!". And I just prayed they wouldn't fall apart after the first washing.

But heck, they looked cute hanging there on that clothesline - along with my hand-drawn-and-cut-out letters spelling Abbigale (the name of the baby). It was after I hung the letters up that my other sister-in-law informed me she has a Cricut I could have used. I guess I just really wanted to practice my resourceful hand-cutting-out skills.

So there I go showing off my baby shower power.

Yeah, pretty weak. But it's a start. And hopefully you'll see much improvement in times to come. Welcome to the craftiness section of my life and may I inspire you, or at least make you feel good that your crafts are so much better than mine :)

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  1. I loved my shower crafts/decorations. The onsies still haven't fallen apart and are still adorable. Much better sewing than I could ever do. One day though, maybe I can sorta do it.