Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Mondays at our house are known as library day because we always walk to the library. Soon the weather will be too bad and we'll have to drive, but I'm hoping it holds off as long as possible. The kids love library day. New books and a walk all at the same time? Awesome :)

Recently, in preparation for library day, I was bundling up the babes so they would stay warm in the semi-brisk weather. I didn't think too much about what I was putting them in until I was tying my shoes and looked up and noticed Ammon...
...a mass of multicolored stripes.

I had to put some leggings on to keep his chubby legs warm under his striped shorts and then his standard jacket is striped as well! So this is what we got.

It's pretty dang cute :)

I wouldn't recommend trying this style yourself because, really, it's one of those things that only a baby can pull off.
Or maybe a toddler like this one (are you sure she's a toddler because she seems so much OLDER than that to me?).

But then again my kids would look cute in anything.

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  1. I have very cute niecphews. (niece and nephew...obviously) I like Ammons stripes!