Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tappana Halloween Party VI

Can you believe Brigham and I have thrown six Halloween Parties? I can't. I also couldn't believe how fast this Halloween crept up. I felt like I had just finished with last year's party. But don't worry, I was ready with some good ideas!

First, because it was an adult-only party this year, we dropped the kids off for their Halloween party at the grandparent's house. Of course we didn't escape without a family picture first.
Can you tell the theme? Ammon was the inspiration as Charlie Brown, Brigham is Linus, I'm Peppermint Patty, and Lydia is Woodstock.

After we dropped off the munchkins it was time for the party to begin!

The first game was called Witches Cauldron because you reached your hand in boxes to guess what the ingredients the witch used to put in her cauldron were really made out of. I tried to find original things that were different and fun to figure out.

Most people did pretty great. There were thirteen things in all with some of them being fingernails (sunflower seed shells), frog hearts (pickles), petrified rat tails (wet pretzels), scabs and warts (both different forms of homemade raisins), and the one that no one got, scrammed brains (tofu). It was gross, creepy, and a thinker - making it a perfect Halloween game. Tim and Ashley were the winners of this one...probably because they took FOREVER. :)

The next game was called Bloody Letters. It entailed digging around in big bowls of spaghetti-o letters from a-z, to spell Halloween words. Whoever spelled the most Halloween words correctly in the allotted time won the prize. (Brigham and I had to check off the words to make sure they were legitimate...TIM! He spent more time arguing for his non-Halloween words than anything else :) )

There were some pretty great words, I think my favorite was Karsten and Candice's "dracula". Kyle and Katrina teamed up and won with ten Halloween words.

The final game was called Pass the Pumpkin. What you do is, while Halloween music is playing, pass around a pumpkin full of cooked spaghetti and candy mixed together in it. When the music stops, you get to dig out as much candy as you can until the music starts up again. But you have to go through all the gross spaghetti to get to it. Cool :)

This one was fun to watch and I think most everyone liked digging out the Kit-Kats and Reeses Pumpkins.

Next we had the winner of the costume contest awarded and it came down to a tie between Sam and Caitlin (Popeye and Olive Oil) and Ethan (a Wall Street protester), so they both got a prize. Hooray!

Then it was time to eat all the Halloween treats! I had fun with this part. The following pictures are all of the things I made.
They were more for effect than tastiness, and they did their job. Since everyone was supposed to bring their favorite Halloween treat, I also made mini carmel apple bites to serve since carmel apples have been a tradition for Brigham and I since Halloween party #1, when we were dating.

We lastly played the game we play at every Halloween party. I think it's known as Famous People, but I'm not sure. We just refer to it as "that game". We always separate girls vs. boys and sometimes call it the divorce game because marital feuds have been known to break out. This year the girls kicked butt! Wohoo!

Here are few extra pictures of the night.
We gave out mini-Halloween-hand-sanitizers as party favors since for most of the games you had to get your hands dirty.

We called it a night around ten-thirty since most people had kids to pick up or had to drive home to Provo, an hour away. It was a fun party and a fun night. So far, it's my favorite Halloween party we've thrown and I was told by others that they felt the same way.

We'll see what next year brings!


  1. I think it was the funnest party ever too. I loved the games, especially WINNING at the divorce game. You're sure a terrific party planner. In fact, I've been bragging to some work friends about how much fun it was. I can't wait till next year already.

  2. I loved this Halloween party! And even though it was disgusting...I really did like the "stick your hands into an unknown box and feel whatever creepy thing is in there" game. It was quite enjoyable. And don't knock us for taking our time! It paid off for us! :)

    Thanks for always throwing a Halloween party. We look forward to it every year!

  3. wow how creative!!! i love all the games