Saturday, November 19, 2011

Growth Spurt

I think I'm kind of a clueless mom sometimes. Usually I don't notice when my kids are transitioning. It's always Brigham that finds the new teeth or someone else suggesting my kids are going through a growth spurt. I generally just look at my kids and realized how much bigger and older they are suddenly. Then, pondering on the past, I recognized missed clues and feel sad that I missed them.

This time, I think Ammon was trying to make it clear he's growing into a big boy.

Perhaps it's the fact that he can eat an entire pancake before his regular bowl of baby cereal/fruit mix for breakfast.

Or maybe I realized it when he couldn't stop rubbing his eyes and yawning during BREAKFAST. I thought to myself, "Seriously? You've been up for like two hours."

But he made it really clear when he kept not making it until nap time.

I kept finding him like this,

Or like this,

In the middle of the floor, passed out, an hour before he usually hits the sack.

It was tenderly hilarious.

My poor boy, growing too big to stay awake. If these signs are right I think he's going to be toddling around soon. I'm excited and sad because I want to hold onto these days. I want to be able to scoop him off the floor when he's crashed and cuddle him on the way to his bed forever.

But grow he must and what adventures he'll have, as soon as he can wake up....


  1. oh my gosh hes just the cutest!!

  2. Hahah!! I love how he just falls asleep like that!! Super cute!