Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Night Highlight

I know I already did a Halloween post, but that was the party and not the actual night of glory.

This year I knew Lydia would understand trick-or-treating which made me really excited. Maybe a little too excited. I was planning routes for the best loot and scheming ways to score more. I got a little carried away and had to remind myself I that I'm not ten anymore, and I was taking small kids out who are likely to tire early. And it'll be their candy.

That Mom's in charge of.

The night of we layered lots of clothes under costumes. If you don't remember we were of the Peanut's theme with Lydia as Woodstock. I never could decide if I liked her costume better with the wings or not. Most people just thought she was a chicken while trick-or-treating, even though we all were dressed up to play our parts.

Ammon was the inspiration behind the Peanuts theme because back when I decided on it, I thought he looked a lot like Charlie Brown. However, he managed to grow a full head of hair between that time and Halloween - so it wasn't quite the same. However, we still managed an adorable, Charlie Brown.

Since I was Peppermint Patty we got our picture taken together since everyone knows she has a huge crush on, as she likes to call him, Chuck.

And we had another family picture to include Brigham as Linus with his baby blanket cape. I tried to convince him to be Pig-Pen but that was a no-go.

We had tons of fun trick-or-treating with Tim and Ashley and Emery. It was such a beautiful night! Seriously, the best fall weather you can ask for on Halloween.

Let me tell you, Emmy was the highlight of the night. Not only was she a cute little strawberry, but she LOVED trick-or-treating. She practically dived for the candy (except for when the man in the really creepy mask tried to give her some, then she ran and screamed) and happily babbled the whole night.
I had been practicing for weeks with Lydia to get her to say trick-or-treat when someone opens the door because I know she's so shy. We had gotten good at home saying it loud, but of course, during the main event, she only would say it after being prompted. However, when she did say it, it was the sweetest, most polite "trick-or-treat" I've ever heard. She also was too shy to pick out her own candy. She would just stare while Emmy grabbed handfuls.

What's funny is that even though she needed help saying trick-or-treat and picking out candy, she would always loudly exclaim, "BYE!", as she ran to hop back on her post on the stroller.

Ammon was content sitting in the stroller watching others score for him while he just sat there (ha! as if he knew what was going on, I just like to pretend that someone else cares about scoring lots of candy like me :)). I only got one really bad shot of the kids in the stroller.

After a good bought of door-knocking and candy scoring, we visited the grandparents and then came home to put our worn out kids in bed. Here is the loot we scored. Not too shabby :)
Oh it was a great night and everything that Halloween should be. Family, costumes, candy, and fun.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I sure wish me and Sam could have gone. :( I am totally bummed out, especially because it was such a warm fall night. Oh well. Perhaps next year?

  2. Best trick-or-treating night ever! It was seriously so fun! Tim and I keep talking about it :). I hope that Emmy's attempt to grab handfuls of candy doesn't mean that I'm raising a greedy child. Did you see when Lydia put her arm around Emmy and kissed her on the cheek at one door? Sweetest thing ever! They made cute trick-or-treating partners :). I can't wait for next year!