Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Ties

Some of my most favorite things are baby boy church clothes. Nothing like a little man all dressed up in his big boy church suit. So, of course I've set out to make sure my little Ammon is set in that department. Only problem is those tiny itty-bitty clothes are so dang expensive! So I've set out to find alternative routes to get what I want!

Luckily, I found a a great website that taught me how to make little boy ties! And for Christmas I made five for Ammon and five for my nephew soon to be born.

I am so impressed with these ties because, they take a small amount of fabric, are easy to make, allow room for sewing error, and are adorable. You also can tie them so they are longer or shorter and grow with your baby. I made them out of cotton, which is great because now when Ammon drools or spits up or spills on them I can just throw them in the wash. Score!

Thanks to this project I also discovered my sewing machine has a button-hole maker, which I never even knew existed! I was so impressed and that just shows you what a juvenile sewer I am. Apparently sewing machines usually always have a button-hole setting and I am just clueless to what half of the things on my machine mean. Too bad I lost the instruction manual somewhere.

You could always skip the buttons and just sew on Velcro instead, but I like how buttons look and my smart friend Brittany pointed out the baby boys wouldn't be able to pull off the tie if it were buttoned. Considering how Ammon loves to rip his bibs off, I figured it was the way to go.

He's already had a chance to wear three different colors of his five new ties and I love how they look! I don't know what it is about a boy in a tie, but I'm a fan of all ages :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE the ties you made for Jackson and I'm so so so excited for him to wear them to church :). It was seriously the best gift ever. I'm very much looking forward to my birthday which is usually not the case because I'm just getting older...however...Tim is giving me a sewing machine and I'm totally looking forward to teaching myself how to do simple things with the intent on them becoming harder things if I'm actually good at it :). You're my inspiration! Yay for learning how to sew!

  2. oh i love these!! i need to get brave and make some myself- and happy bday to ammon!! such a cutie!

  3. Very nicely done on the baby ties! You'll have to post more pics once the nephew is born :)