Monday, January 23, 2012

Dancing the Pounds Off

Christmas was a killer. I'm surprised the pounds of junk I ate, and have continued to eat, haven't stopped my heart yet. I haven't been able to get my eating back on track. Finally, yesterday, when I finished the last of the ice cream in the freezer, I gave myself the OK to really call it quits with the crappy food.

I'm off the junk.

And while Christmas was really bad in the food department, it helped a little in the exercise arena. Not only did I get a new work out program for the Wii that I've been using, but we also got Just Dance 3.

It's been perfect for the nights that I feel gross, from eating too much or from inactivity, to pop in and groove away. We already had Just Dance 2 and play it all the time, but it's been nice having new songs to sweat my guts out over. There's a few songs that are really fun and really a work out.

The best part is that I'm enjoying myself so much trying to figure out the moves, that I don't really notice how much exercising I'm actually doing. I know I look like a fool because I can't actually dance and I'm only matching the moves in my head, but I don't care. It's fun, I'm moving, and the beauty of it all is that I can do it in the privacy of my own home - where in my mind, I'm dancing the night away.

With that little plug for the awesomeness of Just Dance, the other night I was thinking about the very first dancing game that I ever owned and played religiously. The nostalgia quickly won me over and I actually pulled it out and set it all up. Anyone else remember Dance Dance Revolution?

Oh the hours that I used to play this game and the entertainment I had with my family, roommates, and husband. Now that we have the more advanced dancing games, the movements of DDR are laughable. And yet, it was so much fun! Once I started playing it the other night I couldn't stop. 

The memories that assaulted me while playing had me pulling out my camera because I knew I was going to have to document DDR before it's completely forgotten by everyone except me. 

And it was a decent work out. Jumping around to match you foot to the correct arrow at the right time can really get your blood pumping! Because this game takes a lot less coordination and actual dancing skills, I'm pretty alright at it and I guess I get pretty intense about it because one of Brigham's favorite things is to just watch me play.

So now that I've got three different dancing games, and go to Zumba once a week, soon I'll be an awesome dancer. Probably not. But I will have fun and get a good work out. So if you need to work off some pounds, like me, and want to have some fun looking like a fool, or perhaps just watching a fool, come on over we'll dance off the weight and have a great time doing so.

And just like DDR recommends: Stay Cool!


  1. I've never played Dance Dance Revolution! I want to though. I also must play Just Dance 3! I love Just Dance 2, but I'm kinda tired of it. We'll have to come over and try it soon!

  2. I believe we need to come play these! And you still need to come to Jazzercise with me sometime and I will go to Zumba with you!