Monday, January 16, 2012

The Party of the Century

With Ammon turning one, we had a little get together to celebrate and had some pizza, cake, and presents.

Despite being newly bathed for his party, he decided to rub his greasy pizza plate all over his hair to make sure he looked really good the rest of the night.

He really liked his new toys that were given to him...

But he was mad when someone gave him clothes because they weren't nearly as cool as the toys. He definitely didn't want to sit on my lap and look at clothes- especially when he prefers being naked anyway and all his new fun things to play with were surrounding us.

I made his cake in the shape of a one.

I thought I had a yellow cake mix, but found out later I only had strawberry so his cake was pink and brown. However, it was DELICIOUS. I would know because no one ate the cake and I had to eat it all myself these last couple of days. You guys really missed out.

Maybe it was because you were too busy eating these peanut-butter, chocolate-cookie sandwiches I made to go with it - which were also delicious.

After we sang to Ammon and he cried while I blew out his candle for him, (poor guy had five shots earlier that day and was pretty tired and cranky by this point)

We cut him a big piece of the cake and let him have at it. He approached it in stages.

First he didn't really like getting his hands dirty and kept trying to lick all the frosting off his fingers.

Then when he realized it was hopeless, he decided to just go for it.

Then he realized how delicious the cake was and completely dug in...

With his face! He went crazy and buried his face in it over and over again. Who can be bothered with using their hands while eating cake anyways? 

The whole cake eating process ended up taking it's toll on the little man and by the end he was pretty wasted.

:) This picture is right before he lost it, started crying, and was done for.

Luckily, he was easier to clean up than I thought he would be, and after a bottle and the removal of clothes, he was happy once again.

I loved having family there to celebrate Ammon turning one. It was a raging party. Thanks for the gifts, the help, and for just being there! 


  1. First off...I had a piece of cake and it was delicious just like you said! I've never had strawberry cake before...and it was quite enjoyable to eat if I do say so myself. As for the cookies, Tim and Emmy only shared a tiny little smidgen of one with me, and I do have to say, that cookie was quite excellent as well!
    It was such a fun party! I'm glad we were able to be there to share in the fun with Ammon :). I still can't believe he's one!

  2. I'll admit it, I didn't have any cake. But I did have a cookie and a half. And I love Ammon eating the cake with his mouth. So funny! It was a great party for a great Nephew!