Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gingerbread Houses, Family Nativity, Christmas Morning, and A Bit Extra.

Wow, did we have fun during our two week Christmas vacation with my family in Washington. We basically played games and ate for two weeks straight. I'm happy to say there were no barfing episodes on the plane this time and our trip was generally smooth.

Due to a mass of photos, and the desire to spare everyone from mass posts, I broke our trip down to the main events. I'll pretty much let the pictures speak for themselves:

Gingerbread Houses

I'm always in charge of gingerbread house decoration with the kids during baking day and boy did we have fun this year! Lydia loved her "sparkly" walls. Usually we buy pre-made houses but this year Kyle did a great job building them from scratch with graham crackers.

Family Nativity

We always act out the Nativity on Christmas Eve. I'm the narrator and in charge of costumes while the rest of the kids fight over the other various rolls. This year Lydia was a shepherd with Sadie, Kyle and Katrina were Mary and Joseph, Kayleen was the angel, and Brigham, Kenny, and Ryan were wisemen. Ammon was supposed to be a sheep with our dog Shadow. After the Nativity Scene, my dad did a nice presentation about Christmas on the projector and then we watched all the new videos the church put out about the Savior online.

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was wonderful. We all got ready for church, ate breakfast, and then opened presents. Lydia loved her Polly World doll house and Ammon liked crawling around trying to destroy things. I don't think he cared much about his new ties or clothes. There are few things that can beat Christmas morning with my family.

A Bit Extra

As for the bit extra, I couldn't leave out Ammon in his new church outfit and tie, Ryan playing his clarinet for our Christmas Eve program, Ammon passed out on the floor, baking day goods, and the kids playing at the airport waiting to board.

I'm sad it's over but happy that it happened so I can store this year away as yet another wonderful Christmas. I hope everyone had wonderful times celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. Good job on all the Nativity costumes as well! Even though you're sad to be back, I'm happy you are!