Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter - Take 2

Thanks to my wonderful, smart, computer savvy friends, I was able to recover my lost Easter pictures. Huzzah!! This makes me so happy. This momma loves her pictures of her babies. And after reading the last post, I realized how dreary it sounds. So, luckily, I get another go at it. So check out my two sweethearts in their Easter apparel:

Thank you Uncle Kyle for holding Ammon still, though he was not happy.
And for teaching Lydia to stick out her tongue instead of smiling.
It's already virtually impossible to get her to smile for the camera anymore.
And for this boy it is impossible. I take what I can get.
There you have it. Sure, they aren't pictures of the century and you may wonder why I care so much about them, but looking back at my own Easter pictures with my siblings is one of my favorite things. I love how we change throughout the years with our Easter outfits. So these pictures are like little nuggets of gold to me that I want to preserve for my kids when they are older to look back and smile on.

And maybe someday I can give a cheesy object lesson about the miracle of the "resurrection" of these pictures and how wonderful it was and how happy it made me when the pictures were brought back from death....I can hear my kids groaning now :)

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