Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Blur

We had a very crazy Easter weekend full of sickness, frustration, egg hunts, and candy. After finding out that Brigham did not get ANY of the BAJILLION  jobs that he's been interviewing for, we both had a sort of breakdown Friday night. To top that off, my two germ monsters spread a very nasty bug to the whole family that had at least one of us out of commission all weekend. We're still trying to slowly recover. Of course it hit Ammon the hardest and turned into a sinus infection plus a yeast infection on his little bum. Just add another doctor trip to his repertoire. 

Despite that chaos, we manged to make it through three Easter Egg hunts, consume enormous amounts of chocolate, and spend some time with family. Unfortunately, we left our entire dozen "painted" eggs (as Lydia calls the dyed Easter eggs) at my cousin's house so I'm going to have to find something else to make for dinner besides the previously planned egg salad sandwiches.

Today, somehow half of my Easter pictures got deleted, including those of Lydia and Ammon in their adorable Easter outfits :( I'm still devastated by it. I'm hoping my uncle managed to get a few snapshots of them on his camera. They really were smashing. But here are the ones I managed to keep from Easter morning.

With so much going on it, everything blurred by in one of our least graceful Easters. I'm just glad we were able to do what we could to celebrate Christ's triumph over death and the glory of life that we each have thanks to Him. 


  1. Oh no! That is super sad your pictures all got erased. Bummer. Glad you had an ok Easter though between that and being sick. Feel better!

  2. Oh and ps, sorry about Brigham not getting any of the jobs. :(

    Hopefully something better comes up soon!

  3. I love how happy your kids look in the last picture :). It made me laugh! So sorry that you guys were bogged down with sick bugs and no-go on the job market. Between Tim not getting in to Med school and Brig not having any luck, I'm thinking Heavenly Father must have something in particular planned for our family this year that we just don't know about yet. Hopefully we'll find out soon!