Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Firsts

This past weekend was exciting, not only because it was General Conference, but also because we had a few firsts happen.

The most exciting first was the new baby added to the Tappana family.

Jackson, our new nephew, was born on Friday and we couldn't wait to meet him so we rushed over that very night and took up way too much time bothering his tired parents to check out this cute little guy. He's the first boy cousin for my kids and my very first nephew! Lydia enjoyed holding him and despite Ammon's first reaction of curious stares, I'm sure he'll be glad to toddle around with another little boy soon. So welcome Jackson, you handsome little boy!

Now as for the next first, you'll probably laugh.

Most of the time, while Brigham's out at the Priesthood Session of Conference and then with his Dad and brothers for dinner, I mope around wishing I had some ladies around to party with or lament that my family lives so far away. Basically I throw myself a loner's pity party.

This year I determined that I would make my own fun so I took the kids for a complete new experience: Happy Meals at McDonalds.

Yep. My kids have never been to McDonalds, played in a playplace, or had a Happy Meal. Brigham and I both strongly dislike the place and avoid it completely. However, I thought my kids, by right, should experience the wonders of greasy food, greasy slides, and a new toy to fight over and lose that very day.

As you can tell, Lydia's share of the Happy Meal mostly consisted of swallows of chocolate milk amid running to and from the playplace - she had a blast! And Ammon was all too happy to reap the benefits of forgotten chicken nuggets, apples, and french fries (well the french fries Mommy decided to share). I snuck in Wendys for the majority of my dinner :)

The kids had much more fun than me in that hot, crowded room. But making my kids happy makes me happy, and there was no moping going on. We were all in a good mood going out on the town - even if our definition of a new, exciting night is a Happy Meals at McDonalds.


  1. Oh my goodness! Who is the mother of that adorable baby boy Lydia is holding? She must be one good looking lady to have produced such a beautiful baby boy! maybe the daddy is one handsome fella...but either way, they have amazing genes! Hehehehe :)
    I think from now on, the three of us should go out for priesthood and do something while the men are out building their testimonies. We can build our testimonies on how awesome it is to be Tappana wives :).
    I love that picture of the three of you at the end by the way. Super cute!

  2. Ooo! McDonald's sounds fun! I think it's hilarious you snuck in Wendy's. It is, after all, way better than McDonald's.