Monday, December 5, 2011

Cauliflower Pizza Crust Pizza

Feeling really adventurous, I decided to try the recipe on this site for a cauliflower pizza crust. Partly because I was intrigued, and partly because I had extra cauliflower. The reviews marks were positive so I had high hopes.

Because I don't have a food processor and you need riced cauliflower I had to grate my cauliflower.

I didn't like this part. It was hard and it hurt my fingers. That's why I need a food processor. Good thing I asked for one for Christmas :)

Anyway, after your cauliflower is all grated you put it in the microwave to steam it for a bit.

After it's done in the microwave, you start adding stuff to make the crust taste better and stick together.

Like cheese, beaten egg, crushed garlic (I used minced garlic), garlic salt, and oregano.

Mix it up, pour it out onto the pan and then spread it out.

I worked hard to spread it out as thin as possible because some of the reviewers said that in the thicker middle it stayed soggy and I don't like soggy pizza.

Next you cook the crust in the oven for awhile and once it's baked you pull it back out of the oven to put your desired toppings on.

Then you put it back in to broil the cheese and hopefully crispy up the crust a bit more.

And then it's done!

And you can serve up your healthy pizza!

What I noticed, even as I was serving, was that the crust really didn't get that firm where the sauce was on it and we definitely were going to have to eat it with forks because it would fall apart if we tried picking it up with our hands.

It tasted pretty good, just a little bit like cauliflower, but much better than I expected. It actually tasted a lot like cooked/burnt cheese - probably because of how much cheese you include in the actual crust mixture, and I like that flavor so I was good with it.

I didn't like the crust in the middle as much because it was too soggy. However, you can't taste the crust really because of how much sauce is there and it was just like eating the toppings by themselves with a fork.

I don't know if I would go out of my way to make this again, but if I have left over cauliflower I'm up for more experiments with this recipe. I would want to mess around with the cooking to see if I could get the crust firmer and crispier. If I'm on a major health kick and craving pizza major, I might try this again too. I'd give it three out of five stars and say for a healthy low-carb recipe it was pretty good.

If you want the full recipe check out this site.


  1. The pizza itself looks good, but I think I wouldn't like it. I like carbs way more than cauliflower! Good for you for making so many different recipes though! You've been my inspiration to try more myself!

  2. Hi! That recipe is a knock of of my recipe, and I'm going to say it's not as good as the original that I came up with in 2008. Why? Several reasons; the person who changed my work didn't bother to iterate how important it is to completely wring out the cauliflower to remove the moisture; nor did she go to any effort to assure the crust is pressed out evenly; finally, she changed the recipe proportions which is going to lend to a soupier product and not at all the hand-holdable original recipe. It's hard to beat the real thing, so if you ever get a hankering to try it again, check out the original recipe! I also have a zucchini based crust and a spinach based crust, along with a chicken/beef based crust I love to bits if you want to try something new and gluten free!