Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Haircut

It was time.

Ammon's hair was constantly in his eyes and had grown over his ears and I felt bad because he was constantly itching both. And yet, I just kept putting a haircut off. Not only was giving a haircut to a constantly moving ten-month-old daunting, but his hair had just finally started laying down and I didn't want to lose any of his precious, original baby hair. It's silky and blonde and I was sure a haircut would ruin all that.

And it means he's not a baby anymore.

But he REALLY needed it.

At first, I was determined to cut his hair myself because I know he's going to need regular cuts and trims and I want to be self-sufficient in that area. That way, when I'm no longer around family that knows how to cut hair, I can do it. But when I was getting tips from my step-mother-in-law, who cuts hair for a living, I chickened out major and decided to have her do the first damage. So she agreed to cut his hair right then before I backed out permanently. She's good to me.

For our hair-cutting tactics, I held Ammon on my lap to try and keep him still and I let him do something he's never allowed to do - play with my cell phone.

So with no further ado, here are the before and afters:

Side view

Ah, so much nicer.

See how scruffy he was becoming? I was trying to play it off as fashionable, but really it was just crazy.

He was exhausted by time we were done, but only because it was way past his bedtime and he was cranky. The actual haircut only took about fifteen minutes. We were lucky we got it cut at all.

Nonie gave me some of Ammon's hair to keep. When she first gave it to me, I panicked trying to remember where I put Lydia's locks from her first haircut. Then I remembered - Lydia's never had a haircut! Ammon beat her too it and I bet he'll have many more haircuts before she has her first one. I'll treasure those first little blonde strands forever.

It was a very bittersweet experience. While he looks so nice now, he resembles a little boy more than ever. But don't let his looks fool you because for now, he really is just my baby boy.


  1. When you said "It was time" at the beginning of this post I thought of Rafiki on "The Lion King" when Simba took his rightful place as king of Pride Rock.

  2. I agree with you. He does look like a little boy now. I can't believe he is already almost 1! Crazy! And I don't think I'd be brave either to cut hair.