Saturday, December 24, 2011

Temple Square 2011

Before we left for Washington State to spend Christmas with my family, we took the kids to see the lights at Temple Square and we had a great time.

Brigham pushed the children in the stroller. It was really busy downtown with no parking because we unknowingly choose to go on one of the Tabernacle Choir performance nights. Even our secret lot was full (I swear I'm going to hunt down whoever let out our secret) and we ended up having to park in a church parking lot far away and up a big hill.

Here we are in front of the big Christmas tree out front. It wasn't too cold and it was a clear night.

The big Christmas tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Every time I told Lydia to look at a Christmas tree she would just look up at the trees outside and nod. She had no idea what I was talking about.

Brigham had a stomach issue and spent forty-five minutes in the bathroom so the kids and I had to entertain ourselves in the Visitor's Center. This is what Ammon did:

He would sit there looking so sweet, and then...

That's right ladies, watch out because Ammon is one professional pucker-upper these days. He always makes this face lately - warming those lips up for later :) He also worked on his manly yelling this night. As we were walking around, he kept yelling at everyone in front of us, "AaaAAAah" (that's supposed to sound like his baby yell). People would turn around to see what was going on. It was more charming than offensive in my opinion.

Lydia kept insisting on getting her picture taken with all of us so here are our lovely attempts.

Take 1:

Yep, didn't even get Ammon's head in there, but Lydia sure was hamming it up!

Take 2:

Half of Ammon's head, and a nose shot for me, but I do love Lydia in this one.

Take 3:

Pretty much as good as it's gonna get. I challenge you to a decent shot of yourself with two kids in a stroller.

Finally, Lydia told me she had to go to the bathroom too so I had fun maneuvering the stroller into the bathroom and helping Lydia go while watching Ammon all by myself. I ended up just letting Lydia go with the stall door left open so I could keep an eye on Ammon in the stroller in the corner. You do what you gotta do. Good thing Lydia doesn't get embarrassed if others see her go to the bathroom yet.

And if that's not the cutest picture of Lydia, I don't know what is. She may have been more obsessed with the running water and water fountains than the Christmas lights, and answers "for decorations!" when you ask her what Christmas is for, but she's adorable enough to make up for all that. She'll figure it out some day.

We had a great time (despite Brigham's momentary problems) and I think the babes had an enjoyable time too. I have to say kids make Christmas so much more fun and we can't wait to do it all again next year!


  1. oh my gosh ammon is such a little cutie!! and lydia is just a doll!! merry xmas to you guys!!

  2. This is the second year in a row that we HAVEN'T made it to Temple Square for the lights. I can't believe that we've missed out on such a great family tradition! Hopefully we'll be able to get there next year...and follow your example!
    The pictures are looks like you guys had a great time and kept warm!
    We're glad you're headed home this week! We've missed you!