Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dessert to Die For

Peanut butter and chocolate. Put the two together and you get heaven on earth. So many different ways to pair them and they are all good. Of course on Pinterest I can't stop pinning peanut butter and chocolate combination recipes. Especially late at night when I'm hungry and trying not to eat anything - I just pin delicious food instead.

Let me tell you I stumbled upon the peanut butter and chocolate dessert of all desserts. It's a bit pricey but I stumbled on a few sales for the ingredients that made it all worth it.

First you take brownies and mix them up normal. Then you dump a bunch of peanut butter chips in there too and cook them. Um...yum!

Letting the brownies cool, mix up some vanilla pudding and milk until it's stiff and pudding-like.

Then to the pudding you add peanut butter, yum, and some vanilla, and then fold in whip cream.

Sounds good so far. Take some mini Reeses, unwrap them, try not to eat them all, and cut them up.

Now for the layering: layer some cut up brownies and then some chopped up Reeses, and then some pudding mixture. Do it all again, until everything is used up except for a few of the chopped-up Reeses to add as a garnish on top.

I wasn't good at taking pictures of the layering because I was too excited to get it all done; but after it's layered you can add more whip cream to the top and then sprinkle the last bit of Reeses on top to make it beautiful.

Then you let it chill for awhile so everything can set up just right. This dessert is super rich, super bad for you, and SUPER delicious. One serving is enough to kill a person because of all those things.

Here's where I got the recipe from and it's even more over the top. I scaled down the amounts a bit because I didn't want to make it quite so crazy. Next time I probably won't add whip cream to the top because that was little much for me, but then again I don't care much for whip cream.

I'm going to have my chance to try again soon because I'm making it for my family for dessert Christmas night. We're all peanut butter/chocolate obsessed. Seriously, one year we all got our very own jar of peanut butter in our stockings. It was awesome. If it's got peanut butter and/or's for us. As if this Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle didn't tell you that already.


  1. oh my goodness that looks divine!! ill have to pin it too- pinterest is the best!

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    1. Yes that is the one that you guys had!