Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheap Baby Leggings

Baby leggings are adorable and convenient. Especially when you have a baby who is short on outfits and has a bunch of shorts that are unusable because it's winter time. The only problem is that one pair is so darn expensive!

So thanks to this site, I was able to come up with some homemade leggings on my own.

Browsing through the dollar store, I noticed some socks that were supposed to be knee highs and so I picked up four pairs of them.

However, when I got home I found out that only one of the pairs were legitimate knee highs. The rest were deceptively - well not. They looked more like this:

Longer, and yet not knee length. Despite that, I didn't want three of my four dollars to go to waste and decided to try them out as leggings anyways.

So taking a pair, I snipped off the ends...

Flipped them inside out, took some needle and thread, and hemmed them by hand...

I wish I could fit the socks around my sewing machine without stretching them out so I could zig-zag the ends down so they don't fray or curl up, but this works well enough.

Flipping them right-side-out and they look like this:

I was skeptical because they didn't look very much like baby leggings - more like socks with the toes cut off. But when I put them on my baby boy they looked like this:

Perfect baby leggings! They look just fine and they've created a bunch of new outfits for him while keeping him warm at the same time.

As long as I turn the heel of the sock to the back of the leg, you can't tell it's there at all! They just look a little bunched up.

They've lasted after being washed and Ammon's crawled all over in them and they stay on and are working wonderfully. They look mighty cute as well :)

So for four dollars I made four pairs of legging! That's a great deal!

For the knee-high socks, I cut them off right at the heel and they actually ended up shorter than the other pairs. It ends up the other three pairs work out better in the end. So if you're in the market for baby leggings and you're looking for a great deal - try the dollar store!

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  1. I have something pinned on pintrest to make leggings for Abby...but I need a sewing machine first. Super cute!